B\wire: Premium Syndication

You CAN afford to publish high-quality syndicated content.

Blast offers packages starting at $100/month.

That’s one hundred dollars per month to jack some of our content and publish it in your newspaper, magazine, or online-publication.

In this day and age, balancing content and costs is crucial to the survival of any publication or news source.

You can balance your needs by syndicating from the B\wire — Blast Magazine’s lifestyle news wire.

We can push movie reviews, video game news/reviews, local restaurant reviews, breaking local and national news, and even relationship advice.

On the B\wire, you can access:

We’re very competitive and will custom build a package for you, no matter how great or small your needs are! Everything we syndicate is priced to order based on your unique needs and usage. Contact us for details!

We can set up a custom quote for you. Our software is equipped to send articles to your online or print system. We can quote you on just one category or the whole ball of wax!