Websites for police and fire departments

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My name is John Guilfoil, and I want B Media Ventures to make a website for your department. I grew up in a firefighting family. I understand the culture. When I oversee your new site, we’re not going to confuse the ranks or refer to your QUINT (which is probably being used as an Engine thanks to NFPA standards) as a hook and ladder.

Why bother doing websites for police and fire departments? In the 1990s, just about every fire department got their own website. Whether it was a folder on the city’s or town’s site or the FD’s very own dot-com, it was an amazing new embracing of technology. Trouble is, a lot of those websites haven’t been updated since then. Either the chief’s nephew went to college or the guy doing it for free went out of business. Whatever the reason, there are a lot of old fire department designs out there. They are messy, flimsy, and they don’t convey your message to a 21st Century public. (Try viewing a 1990s website on an iPhone…) Money doesn’t grow on trees, but your police, fire, or municipal department can have a brand new website, done in WordPress, with a modern look. And we’ll teach you how to easily update the site yourself! That’s where comes in.

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Let’s make this simple

Your department already pays for a website. You pay GoDaddy or Bluehost, or one of a million other companies, what, like $50 a month to host your stale, boring old website? Pay US instead of your hosting company, and we’ll host the site and give you a brand new one that YOU can update anytime you want, without any knowledge of coding.

  1. Sign up.
  2. Choose from a a gallery of template-driven designs we’ve created
  3. We take the info from your old site, plus whatever else you send our way, and we design your new website
  4. We host it, but your website address stays the same. We do all the behind-the-scenes tech work to make sure that points to your new site, and you don’t have to do anything!
  5. Then we show you how to add blog entries, custom pages, and perform simple updates to your website. It’s so easy, even a probie could do it!

With your new FDPages site, you’re free to easily add or edit pages, create entirely new site sections, post images and blog articles, or publish emergency notices.

We give you the tools to connect with your community in ways that you may have been wishing for but weren’t sure how to achieve through your current website.

Not interested in’s service? Want fixed pricing for a one-time website for your department? No problem! Keep reading!

Website packages for fire departments

Lieutenant Grade (Ladder 1)
Starting at $500
Includes four pages. For example: homepage, apparatus page with photos of all fire trucks, fire prevention page, and contact page. Includes creation of fire department blog. Can be done in a few days — perfect for small towns and volunteer/call departments
Captain Grade (Engine 2)
Starting at $799
Includes Lieutenant’s package plus two additional pages like a roster page and chief’s page.
District Chief Grade (Car 4)
Starting at $1000
Includes Captain’s package plus setup of social networks like department Twitter and Facebook accounts
Deputy Grade (C-2)
Starting at $1499
Includes District Chief’s package plus map of firehouse locations, memorials page, online forms/permits, and command staff biographies
Chief of the Department Grade (C-1)
Starting at $1999
Includes Deputy’s package plus incident statistics and unlimited training on how to update the site
Training Officer
Can be added to any package except C-1. Includes up to four station visits and unlimited phone and email support for a month to teach you how to update the site. *Hint: You’ll never have to learn programming code!

Website packages for police/sheriff’s departments

We follow the same basic structure for police and fire departments. For $500, you can have a basic website that tells people who you are and gets your message out to the community.

All packages include the creation of a department blog. Blogs like here in Boston have become vital instruments of transparency and community involvement. Plus, they’re extremely easy to update once we set it up for you.

Ambulance companies

We offer custom packages for ambulance companies. We take a more corporate approach for private ambulance companies, letting people know where you’re based and what communities you service while providing corporate information and press release sections for the media and investors.

For more information email John Guilfoil or call him anytime at 781-752-9877