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Who are Blast Men?

We are ambitious. Smart. Young, but not quite as young as we used to be.

We were Gen-Y, some Gen-X, and some weird things called millennials.

We have debt.

We skew socially liberal and fiscally conservative, but we don’t flaunt a political or religious agenda on anyone. We also respect other people’s beliefs and let everyone talk.

We are new fathers or starting to think about that. Speaking of new, marriage is still a fairly new thing to us.

We like nice things but appreciate what we have.

We still love sports, gadgets, games, and girls (or guys, or both, or whatever-who-gives-a-fuck?). We care about LGBT issues, are learning to care about our own health, and we are starting to appreciate how difficult our parents had it.

This is the Blast Magazine men’s site. Check us out!