Blast Cars

2014_toyota_corolla_f34_ns_60513_1600-1024x682Blast Magazine was launched in 2007 with a simple thought — do journalism for the video game generation. We’ve really seen a lot since the 1980s. Nintendo Mega Man games, dial-up Internet, Dos, and the Palm Pilot were all in their infancy as we grew up. We shared files on 1.44MB (that’s MEGABYTE) floppy discs, and they were more than sufficient. As we grew up, the Internet blew up. Today you can stream a movie live in HD. Not only did HD not exist when we were growing up, but downloading a single, low-quality MP3 of our favorite song could take over an hour!

Technology developed quickly as we came of age, and we can claim to have mastered everything from iPads to Netflixes. But there is one thing that our generation did not have to grow up with — car maintenance.

A lot of us are interested in cars and trucks and motorcycles — this site wouldn’t be necessary if we weren’t. But how many Gen-Y’ers have ever had to change their oil? Change the brakes? Fix a cracked serpentine belt? Fixing cars was always something optional for us. We had to want to jack up a car and change a tire.

So now that we’re adults and we’re starting to recover from the crushing debt of our student loans, (We’re very bitter about this) we are finding our interests diversifying. If we were into cars already, we are getting more into cars. If we could never afford it, we are slowly raising our expectations. Say what you will, we are a curious generation.

Blast Cars is not exactly a beginners’ guide to the galaxy, but we’re not going to assume you know everything. We’re learning with you, and the experts we’ll bring into the process will walk both of us through everything we ever wanted to know about everything automotive.


In addition to restoring our Shop Truck, we are following some other Gen-Y restoration projects, including a racing bike. We’ll also bring you some relevant news, reviews, and rumors. We’ll even take a look at some of the most famous cars in movies, music, TV, true crime, and other popular culture.

We are also giving everyone from celebrities to college students a chance to share memories of their rookie driving experiences with the My First Car section.

We don’t know everything about cars, and a lot of our projects involve our writers learning along with you with the help of mechanics and other experts.